Making Changes is an Alberta success story – grounded and real. Its mission to empower women reflects a basic pillar of our country: one where people support one another.

Making Changes has welcomed women in transition for over 30 years, helping them overcome barriers by providing resources that give women confidence as they establish themselves in their communities, among their peers, neighbours, and a new life.

Thousands of women and girls have walked into Making Changes looking for the resources they need to stand tall, and have walked out with confidence and optimism—confidence that empowers them to participate and make meaningful contributions to their community.

The positive results of our work can be seen in offices, classrooms, and shops around Calgary. We are proud of our achievements, and as a non-profit organization, our achievements are the results of our 250 plus volunteers, as well as staff members, donors and participants.

Making Changes works with more than 100 referral partners representing immigrant and human services agencies, community groups, education, health, and business. Our participants find their way to us from many different paths; some come to us as they prepare to re-enter the workforce or as new-to-Canada residents, while others find us because their lives took an unexpected turn. Wherever our participants come from, we offer them the same, unique, supportive, and free services to help get them from where they are to where they want to be.